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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cathi Herrod: Destroying Arizona One Bill at a Time

Pissed off about what's going on in the Arizona Legislature?  I am.  You should be.  It's clear that, in the GOP's War on Women, the State of Arizona is playing a major part...and this bitch is leading the charge:

Yep, Cathi Herrod, of the so-called Center for Arizona Policy, is a fundamentalist Christian lobbyist who is more powerful than our entire elected minority, and indeed more powerful than some of the Republican majority.  She has Debbie Lesko, Nancy Barto and Jan Brewer herself in her pocket.  It's time we take action and call for her to be kicked out of the Arizona Legislature!  It is wrong that she walks around like she owns the place!  It is wrong that she wields more power than elected officials!  It is wrong that a well-funded fundamentalist is able to strip women of their rights and their very personhood through her anti-choice and hate-fueled bill writing.

She's not just out to fuck over women, either.  She hates the gays with a passion, as well.  Look at how she single-handedly killed a bi-partisan anti-bullying bill, which had already passed the senate:

This woman will stop at nothing until Arizona stands alone as a theocratic state.  Our power against her is limited, but our best move now is to spread awareness.  Most citizens of Arizona have never heard the name Cathi Herrod and do not know about the Center for Arizona Policy, and we can change that.  Our power lies in exposing her.  Please help by contacting Phoenix CPHO Channel 5 news and tell them we want more in-depth coverage on Herrod and her evil works!

Here is the email address for CBS 5:

Here is a link to submit a request for Channel 12:

Here is a sample letter:

I am a concerned Arizona voter who appreciates that you dare to cover Cathi Herrod, of the Center for Arizona Policy, and her bold moves to control the Arizona Legislature.  You are one of the few news organizations who dare to do so, and that's important to me.  I would like to request more in-depth coverage on her and her organization, as I think this is a sadly underreported issue and that most Arizona voters would be aghast if they truly knew what was going on.  Thank you for providing quality news, and I look forward to seeing more news stories about this.

See?  It's so easy.  I have written the letter for you.  All you have to do is copy and paste it.  Please, help stand up for our rights, spread the word about this heinous woman and her fundy agenda, and tell at least a few people about her.  No one seems to even know this is happening!

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