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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Just because I'm straight doesn't mean that fighting for gay rights isn't important, and that restricting gay rights doesn't diminish us all.

Just because my husband has always had a job that provided good, quality health insurance, doesn't mean that I shouldn't be concerned about health care reform.

Just because I am a stay at home mom, doesn't mean that making sure women have the opportunity to have both a career and a family isn't worth fighting for.

Just because I am married and have a stable family and home environment doesn't mean that abortion restrictions couldn't have dire consequences for me, my health and my family.

Just because I'm in my 30's doesn't mean I no longer want the legal alcoholic drinking age reduced to 18, or even 16.

Just because my children are young, doesn't mean I'm not pushing for comprehensive sex education and contraceptive availability for teens now.

Just because I don't live in Tennessee, or Mississippi, or South Dakota, doesn't mean that I should remain unconcerned when heinous anti-woman legislature is passed there.

Just because I'm pro-choice doesn't mean I'll ever have an abortion.

Just because I want to home school my children, or put them in a good charter school, doesn't mean I'm not constantly pushing for better public education.

Just because you're white doesn't mean that allowing brown people to be treated as less doesn't dehumanize you.

Just because you've never needed food stamps, welfare, or some form of public assistance doesn't mean that they are unnecessary programs.

Just because five guilty men were set free does not mean one innocent one should be sentenced to death.

Just because you are retired, and your children are grown, does not mean funding for public education is no longer important.

Just because you have never been depressed does not mean depression isn't real.


Empathy is the ability to relate or identify with another.

The ability to empathize is something children must be taught.  They are not born with it, and their parents, peers and role models are supposed to help instill them with a firm sense of concern for the well-being for people who are not them.

Psychopaths and sociopaths lack a sense of empathy.  They tend to have shallow emotions, but are often intelligent and very charming.

We live in sad, desperate times when so many of our laws and policies could have been proposed by children or psychopaths.

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