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Monday, May 7, 2012

Why I won't call them "Pro-Life"

I refuse to use the term "Pro-Life"when describing the opposition anymore.  I simply won't do it.  Words have power, and this term is assigning an altruism and empathy to that movement which isn't a part of their agenda.

If they were really "Pro-Life," they'd be against capital punishment.  But the majority of them are for it.

If they were really "Pro-Life," they'd be anti-war.  But the majority of them supported the Iraq war.

If they were really "Pro-Life," the majority of them would be for providing food, cash and housing aid for low-income families, so that they could actually make the decision to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term without fear of being unable to provide for that child.  But they want to cut funding to these programs.

If they were really "Pro-Life," they would want to cut down on unwanted pregnancies so that there would be fewer women who were ever even in a situation where they needed to make that choice.  But they constantly support "abstinence-only" education, which is proven to increase the number of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies, rather than a comprehensive sex education program, which produces the opposite effect.

If they were really "Pro-Life," they would want to promote contraception, which is the only proven way to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies (that, in turn, leads to fewer abortions.) But they do not want our children educated in the use of contraceptives.  They want to prevent legislature that would make contraceptives more affordable, and do not offer any advice or information on contraceptives in their "Crisis Pregnancy Centers."

If they were really "Pro-Life," they would value the lives of the homosexual and transgendered people, rather than work to protect the "rights" of children to bully them and prevent them from adopting children in need of loving families and stable homes instead of living in the foster care system which is rife with abuse and a breeding ground for psychological issues.

If they were really "Pro-Life," they would worry about the psychological effects of carrying an unwanted pregnancy might have on the mother, whether she chose to give it up for adoption or raise it in a precarious environment.  But they think giving a child up for adoption is not a hardship.

If they were really "Pro-Life," they would worry about the quality of life of a child with a severe deformity or disability.  But they think these children should be born despite their parents unwillingness or inability to care for a child with special needs, and despite the fact that the lives they live might be especially short, painful, traumatic and/or fraught with depression.

I'm sure there are exceptions, people who do not endorse the things I listed above, but I have not met them.  All the people I have spoken to who fall into this camp are people are anti-abortion, anti-women's rights and anti-choice.  They are pro-controlling women, but they are NOT "pro-life."

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